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The Kitsap Aircraft Radio Control Society is an active radio control aeronautical club with members of all skill levels, from novice to expert. If you are new to flying, be sure to check out our free "Learn to Fly!" offer in the featured section at right. ▬▬►

We meet at 7 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Marlin Little Field or at The Sunnyslope Improvement Association during the winter.

For more information on how to join or to get involved, contact us.

Upcoming Events


2 Competition Day - Little Field, 10:00 am
12 Regular Meeting, 7:00 pm
23 Fall Closer (tentative) - Little Field
30-31 NW Model Hobby Expo (rescheduled) -
Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe

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Club News

trust-logo     The Recreational UAS Safety Test

If you haven't done this yet you need to complete ASAP.

Well Club members, it has finally happened. The FAA now requires all recreational flyers to pass The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). The FAA defines a "Recreational Flyer" as a person operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) weighing less than fifty-five pounds exclusively for recreational purposes. This includes airplanes and helicopters as well as multi-rotors. If it flies and we control it remotely, the rule applies. Although the test is really directed at multi-rotors, the rule applies to ALL UAS.

The on-line test cannot be failed. If you answer wrong, it will tell you why and prompt you to answer again until you give the correct answer. Once completed, you must save and print the certificate it produces. Your on-line information disappears and cannot be re-printed from the site. Once printed it never expires, but if you lose it, you must take the test all over again. The certificate must be available on demand by the FAA or any law enforcement agency. The test is free but must be accomplished at a "TRUST" approved site. It takes about thirty minutes to complete, depending on how fast of a reader you are.

More information is available here:
Here is a video that explains it more simply:
Here is a link to a site that is approved for testing & issuing certificates:
The AMA also has a test site:

The AMA site is rather slow; I'd recommend using the first one. There are others, but they must display the "TRUST" logo to be a valid testing site.

Flying just gets more and more interesting as time goes by.
Please get your certificate and be safe. But most of all, let's have fun!
Duane Barrett, President, Kitsap ARCS

Message from the President

Runway Refurbishment Complete!

The installation of the new runway fabric was completed Saturday after noon following a Herculean four day work effort. First, I would like to thank KC Patton for his diligence, fortitude, and just plain drive that kept this project going for more than two years with set-back after set-back. He never gave up! Also Greg T. for expertise and knowledge concerning past runway work. Second, This club has responded like a well oiled machine should, everyone stepping up and helping in some manner. From the awesome turn out the first day it just kept getting better. Without all the hard work that all of you put forth this project would have taken much longer. A HUGE, HUGE, Thank You to each and everyone of you who showed up and helped with this project. Club spirit really showed forth during this gargantuan work. The hard part is over, there are a few final cosmetic touches left to be done, but the Field is now open for flying again. If you weren’t able to come out and participate, come on out and take a look at the new runway. It looks great. Come out and try out the new runway and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Again, a HUGE thank you to all! Duane KARCS President

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The Academy of Model Aeronautics is the world's largest model aviation association, representing a membership of more than 200,000 from every walk of life, income level and age group. It is open to anyone interested in model aviation.

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AMA District XI includes the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

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Learn to Fly - Free!

Free RC Flying Lessons

     The Introductory Pilot Program is free to the trainee. It gives the beginning pilot an opportunity to learn how to fly using a club-supplied airplane and transmitter.
     The instructor's transmitter has full control of the aircraft but at any time, with the flip of a switch, allows the trainee to pilot the airplane with a second transmitter.
     It's a great way to learn about model airplanes while getting hands-on flying experience.
     For more information, contact the Head Flight Instructor.

Intro to R/C Aircraft

Thinking about buying an R/C aircraft? Intro to R/C Aircraft Click here to get some some pointers.
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Marlin Little Field

Click for forecast for Bremerton, WA from weatherUSA (Provided by weatherUSA)

Directions to
Marlin Little Field

From Highway 16:
Take the Tremont Exit, turn west onto Clifton Rd. Travel 4.1 miles and turn left onto Sunnyslope Rd. Drive 1.9 miles, then turn right through the yellow gate. Proceed down the dirt road to the field.

From Shelton on Hwy 3 N:
Turn right on Lake Flora Rd. Proceed until reaching Sunnyslope Rd. Turn left onto Sunnyslope Rd. and proceed 0.9 miles. Turn left through the yellow gate to the field.

From Bremerton on Hwy 3 S:
At Gorst, keep right to remain on Hwy 3. Proceed 1.9 miles to the top of the hill, then turn left on Sunnyslope Rd. Drive 1.3 miles, then turn right to remain on Sunnyslope Rd. Proceed 1.9 miles, then turn right through the yellow gate to the field.

Get map to Little Field

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