The Guidance  (1.0)

  1. NO ARFs!
  2. The work must be performed by you.
  3. The model can be constructed from sheet foam, built up balsa or a monocot structure to a resin impregnated material such as fiber glass, carbon fiber, Kevlar or Wood.
  4. The model must be a fixed wing or variable geometry wing aircraft utilizing any acceptable propulsion that Little field can support (Nitro, Gas, Electric or EDF. I have not researched pulse jets, but if the field meets the requirement, it is ok. Gas turbines however, are not authorized), or no propulsion at all, in which case a high start, tow plane or winch system will be allowed to launch the aircraft.
  5. Balsa Covered Foam cored wings are permissible.
  6. Aircraft must remain under the 55 lbs limit.
  7. At least 20 pictures must be shared with the club via the website or Facebook during the construction prior to May 12th, 2018.
  8. It is permissible to continue a project that was started previously so long as at least half of the effort remains in construction. Motor and radio install is not considered a part of construction.
  9. The club will host a Maiden Day at Little Field on June 9th 16th, 2018. This day can be rescheduled by the board with two months of prior notice to all participants, but in no case sooner than May 12th, 2018.
  10. The Aircraft cannot be flown prior to the Maiden Day. Pilots are encouraged to break in their motors prior to the event.
  11. Prior to its Maiden Flight, each aircraft will be inspected by at least one other member to ensure that it is safe and ready for flight.
  12. Following all flights on Maiden Day, all members present at the field will vote on the most outstanding model from a field of those that succeeded during their Maiden Flight. "Success" means being able to make another flight following the Maiden Flight without repair. The result will be the "Popular Vote" result and constitute 50% of the total points possible.
  13. The other 50% of the points awarded will be judged independently by three different judges assigned by the president spread equally from the following four areas:
        a. Construction Skill
        b. Finishing
        c. Airworthiness
        d. Radio Install
  14. The builder can hire a mercenary pilot for the Maiden Flight, if nerves or lack of skill may result in the builder being awarded the crash trophy for the year.
  15. The Winner will receive the KARCS Master Builder Hat, be the first awardee of the KARCS Master Builder Perpetual Trophy, and have both his dues in the KARCS and the AMA covered by the Club.
  16. The President reserves the right to change, modify or completely rewrite these rules in order to ensure the most participation and fun possible by the most members possible. Any ties or "issues" will be resolved by a council comprised of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary/Treasurer.

  17. Questions and entry applications should be sent to Chuck (


Brian Campbell

Brian has selected a Super Sportster for the competition.

Duane Barrett

Duane has selected a scratch-built foam-board Greek Archon SF-1 .

See the club Facebook®Page for more entrants.