2023 Site History

Oct 18-19   Updated URL of announcement of the FCC's Remote ID Enforcement delay.

Oct 18-19   Added Meeting minutes for October; added final Combat results; added Fall Closer event notifications; added Evening Flying to Club News.

Oct 7   Added Racing Results for October.

Oct 3   Added Indoor Flying to Upcoming Events; 2024 membership renewals will be available soon.

Sep 23   Updated Upcoming Events; Updated Combat page with September's scores; Webmaster on sabbatical 9/24-10/2.

Sep 19   Posted link to AMA's Remote ID Enforcement video; updated Portland Barnstormer Meet & Greet address in Upcoming Events.

Sep 15   Moved message regarding our FRIA application to President's Messages page; added Barnstormers RC Flying Club Oregon Meet-UP event to Upcoming Events & Event Flyers page.

Sep 14   Added FAA Remote ID Inforcement postponement to Club News; added September Meeting minutes; updated Club Calendar & Upcoming Events.

Sep 2   Added Racing Results for September.

Sep 5   Updated Upcoming Events; added/updated the President's Message regarding our FRIA application status.

Aug 27   Updated Safety page to reflect AMA Document #550 Unmanned Aircraft Operation Utilizing First-Person View for additional FPV requirements and added link to document. Also updated Annual Safety and Flight ops briefings with AMA requirements for FPV flight.

Aug 25   Added link to AMA's "Remote ID Explained" page in Club News.

Aug 24   Added Marymoor R/C Club End of Summer Swap Meet to Calendar & Upcoming Events.

Aug 20   Added August Meeting minutes; Added Combat! Score Sheet link to the Docs & News page.

Aug 17   Added a link to the Score Sheet on the Combat! page.

Aug 15   Updated President's Messages page; changed Membership Alert; rearranged Club News.

Aug 3   Added Racing Results for August; added Combat! scores for July.

July 31   Added next meeting date change alert message; edited September 2022 meeting minutes for privacy.

July 28   Updated date of August meeting in Upcoming Events.

July 24   Updated Upcoming Events for August; added KC's message regarding the cancelled field mowing; updated President's Messages pages.

July 18   Remove obsolete news; added July meeting minutes.

July 14-15   Added MAR/C Scale Contest to Upcoming Events; added MRRCS Warbirds Over the Mountain flyer.

July 9   Added Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles event to Upcoming Events & Club News; added Wings Over Washington Airshow to Club News; updated President's Messages page.

July 3   Added President's Fourth of July message; added Wings Over Washington Airshow page; added July Racing Results.


June 29   Added AMA District XI Jamboree announcement to the Calendar & Event Flyers pages, Upcoming Events, and Club News; updated President's Messages page.

June 27   Added the return of Breakfas at the Airport Diner to Upcoming Events & Club News.

June 26   Added RAMS Scale/Fly-in/Swap Meet flyer; added Bigfoot Hobbies to front page.

June 22   Added June meeting minutes; added Combat! scores for June; added June 26 Field Mowing to Upcoming Events.

June 15   Updated Upcoming Events; added latest FRIA Appliation status.

June 3   Added June Racing Results.

May 31   Removed Corona Virus Field Use Guidelines.

May 29   Updated Upcoming Events for June; added revised May meeting minutes.

May 27   Memorial Day announcement.

May 20   Updated field maintenance information.

May 19   Updated Upcoming Events and Club News with field maintenance information.

May 6  Updated both Racing and racing results pages.

May 6   Updated Club Calendar & Upcoming Events with field mowing info.

Apr 18   April 22nd Work Party cancelled.

Apr 16   Updated Upcoming Events; modified the Welcome greeting.

Apr 12   Added Apr 22 Work Party Information to Club News, Upcoming Events, and Club Calendar; added April meeting minutes.

Apr 10   Added Field Vandalism report to Club news; updated Club Calendar page and Upcoming Events.


Mar 16   Added March meeting minutes; moved select items to Documents & News page; updated Club Calendar page and Upcoming Events.

Mar 11   Added the 17th chapter of Paul's P-39 Airacobra build; added notice that Indoor Flying ends March 31st

Feb 22   Updated Club Calendar page and Upcoming Events.

Feb 16   Added January meeting minutes; added the 17th chapter of Paul's P-39 Airacobra build; added Coulter Creek Park work party announcement.

Feb 12   Updated Website history pages.

Feb 10   Added the 16th chapter of Paul's P-39 Airacobra build.

Jan 17   Added January meeting minutes.

Jan 14   Removed link to Expertise page from Documents & News page.

Jan 13   Updated the Club Safety Briefings; added 2022 meeting minutes to club archive; KC won the 2022 ARC of the Year.

Jan 11   Added the 15th chapter of Paul's P-39 Airacobra build.

Jan 10   Updated Contact's page and officer list on front page.

Jan 9   Updated mailing address on Membership Application.

Jan 2   Updated Contacts page.

Jan 1, 2023   Removed Jeff Kidston's "For Sale" listing; added Duane's last notes from the left seat; added ARC of the Year announcement; added link to Tim McKay's Remote ID video; updated Club Calendar & Upcoming Events.