2018 Site History

Jul 13:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Jul 10:   Updated Racing Results and Combat pages.

Jul 7:   Updated Upcoming Events including location change for July meeting.

Jun 4:   Updated Build Challenge date; updated Racing Results & Combat! pages with June results.

Jun 4:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated links to Flight Safety & Operations Briefings.

May 24:   Updated Combat! page with May results.

May 11:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated Racing page with May results.

Apr 15:   Added Work Party to Upcoming Events

Apr 15:   Added Warbirds Fly-in page, Club News, Upcoming Events, and Quick Find info; updated AMA card image on Membership page.

Apr 7:   Updated Upcoming Events and Racing & Combat! pages; deleted Corky's & Verlyn's items from Buy & Sell page; added 2018 Website History page.

Apr 5:   Updated Upcoming Events and Racing page; added Paul's Telemaster X Construction project.

Mar 14-25:  Webmaster unavailable.

Mar 9:   Added link to Facebook page; added 2018 proposed Racing Rules.

Mar 1:   Updated Upcoming Events and Calendar page: Spring Opener, Racing Clinic & Build Challenge; updated Field & Safety Briefings.

Jan 19:   Added 2018 Frosty Fingers photo gallery; updated Winter Build Challenge.

Jan 1:   Added Winter Build Challenge.