2017 Site History

Aug 30:   Updated Upcoming Events; added July meeting munites.

Aug 20:   Updated racing results pages.

Aug 5:   Updated Combat! page.

Jul 15:   Updated Upcoming Events & Calendar page.

Jul 13:   Added June meeting minutes.

Jul 7:   Updated Upcoming Events: July Open Shop TBA.

Jul 6:   Updated Upcoming Events and Calendar page; updated Combat! page with July's results.

Jul 5:   Updated Racing pages with July's results.

Jun 16:   Added Driving Directions & changed time for June Open Shop.

Jun 15:   Added Marymoor Sport Scale Contest flyer.

Jun 13:   Updated Upcoming Events; added May meeting minutes; updated Combat page with June's results.

Jun 12:   Removed past/added new events in Upcoming Events & Club News; updated Racing pages with June's results.

May 31:   Updated Upcoming Events (June activities), Club News (Open House) and the Club Calendar page (June through December).

May 16:   Updated Racing pages & T-28 Racing Rules.

May 13:   Updated Upcoming Events & Club News; updated Combat! & Event Flyers pages.

May 9:   Added April meeting minutes; updated Upcoming Events and Event Flyers page.


Apr 18:   Updated Upcoming Events and Event Flyers page.

Apr 11:   Added March meeting minutes; updated Safety & Flight Briefing; updated Upcoming Events.

Apr 8:   Updated Combat page.

Apr 7:   Updated Calendar & Upcoming Events; updated Safety & Flight Briefing; updated Event Flyers page; fixed Meeting Minutes Archives page; added Warbirds Fly-In information; updated Racing pages.

Mar 10:   Updated Calendar & Upcoming Events.

Feb 20:   Added January 2017 meeting minutes, notice of Lorin's moving sale and notice of Bruce's memorial service.

Feb 13:   Updated Racing Rules, Upcoming Events & Club Calendar.

Jan 10:   Updated club contacts & January Open Shop location; added December meeting minutes.