2021 Site History

Dec 30:   Added President's New Year's Message; updated Upcoming Events.

Dec 22:   Added Bruce's crash/rebuild pictures.

Dec 19:   Added December meeting minutes.

Dec 17:   Added President's "End of the Year" Message.

Dec 15:   Added photos to Duane's Build Challenge page.

Nov 30:   Added turbin restriction reminder.

Nov 24:   Added President's Holiday Message.

Nov 20:   Added photos to Duane's Build Challenge page.

Nov 12:   Added November meeting minutes.

Nov 11:   Updated Upcoming Events; added photos to Duane's Build Challenge page; replaced photo 1 on Rob's Build Challenge page.

Nov 8:   Added President's Veteran's Day Message.

Nov 6:   The November club meeting will be held via Zoom.

Oct 27:   Added October 26th President's Message.

Oct 25:   Updated President's Messages & Documents & News pages.

Oct 23:   Added photos to Duane's Build Challenge page; remove references to club's former Facebook® page; updated Upcoming Events; 2022 membership forms now available.

Oct 20:   Added field gate lock announcement; added "Crashed and Salvaged" category to Build Challenge.

Oct 15:   Added TRUST page.

Oct 15:   Added October Meeting Minutes

Sep 27-28:   Updated Build Challenge page.

Sep 17:   Added September meeting minutes.

Sep 16:   Added more runway refurbishment pictures; updated Upcoming Events.

Sep 5:   Added President's Runway Refurbishment Complete message; added runway refurbishment pictures.

Sep 4:   Updated upcoming events; added June, July, and August meeting minutes; updated News page; updated Runway Status.

Aug 7:   Added August Racing Results.

Jul 23:   Added July Meeting Minutes; Updated August events.

Jul 3:   Added July Racing Results.


Jun 26:   Added Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) information; updated Upcoming Events.

Jun 13:   Added President's Message thanking J. Rowley for his donation; added June meeting minutes; updated Upcoming Events.

Jun 9:   Runway replacement on-hold.

Jun 7:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Jun 6:   Added June Racing Results

Jun 2:   Added runway replacement notice; updated Upcoming Events and Calendar.

May 30:   Added President's Memorial Day message.

May 27:   Updated Upcoming Events; added April & May meeting minutes; added President's message regarding locking the gate; updated Build Challenge page with final results.

May 26:   Fixed Front Page links to Racing and Racing Results.

May 11:   Added May Racing results and updated the Racing Intro page. updated club calendar.

Apr 29:   Added March meeting minutes.

Apr 26:   Added Competition Day to Upcoming Events and Calendar; added link to SIG Manufacturing announcement; fixed html error (br in ul).

Apr 8:   Added two MRRCS events to Events Flyers page; updated club calendar.


Mar 31:   Upcoming Events: April meeting will be held via Zoom; report March field activity to Paul.

Mar 23:   2021 Warbird Fly-In cancelled. added South Sound RC Swap Meet announcement.

Mar 11:   Winter Build pm to am.

Mar 10:   Updated Upcoming Events & Club Calendar; added Parkzone T-28 availability and Winter Build status to Club News; added March meeting minutes.

Mar 6:   Updated Safety & Flight Briefing; updated Flight Operations Briefing; added 2021 Racing Rules; updated Racing page to 2021; updated club bylaws; updated club calendar (NW Hobby Expo); updated website history pages.

Feb 19:   Added February 19th President's Message; updated Upcoming Events; added 2021 Club Calendar.

Feb 10:   Added February meeting minutes.

Feb 10:   Added February 10th President's Message.

Feb 1:   Added Field Activity report requests.

Jan 31:   Replaced 'Electronics Donations' page with 'Donations' page; verified that Safety Officer mail is being correctly forwarded.

Jan 14, 2021:   Updated club officers' lists; updated mailing address on Contacts page and Membership form; added January 2021 minutes.