2019 Memberships

Memberships for 2019 are now available.

Membership Types

The Kitsap Aircraft Radio Control Society (Kitsap ARCS) has three types of membership.

  • Regular Adult Membership
    • is effective for one calendar year, or for the number of days remaining in the calendar year in which it is acquired;
    • if acquired between October 1st & December 31st, is also effective for the following calendar year.
    • Annual dues are $60.00 (US).
        When combined with an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
        membership, it conveys the following privileges:
    • Access (gate combination) to Marlin Little Field.
    • After successfully completing a Flight Maneuvers Qualification test, permission to independently operate an aircraft at the airfield.
    • Voting on all issues placed before the club membership.
    • Participation in all club activities
  • Family Adult Membership
    • is available to members of the same household as a regular adult member.
    • when combined with an AMA membership, conveys the same privileges as a regular adult membership.
    • If flight privileges are not desired, AMA membership is not required. All other privileges remain in effect.
    • Annual dues are $5.00 (US).
  • Youth Membership
    • is available without cost to persons under the age of eighteen at the time of joining or renewing;
    • conveys the same privileges as a family adult membership.

New Memberships

New members need to fill out a membership form (available here) and mail it with payment (if required) to the address on the form. Forms and payment may also be submitted at any club meeting.

Membership Renewals

Renewing members may fill out a membership form (available here) and mail it with payment to the address on the form. Pre-printed forms are available from the Secretary/Treasurer at any club meeting. Forms and payments may also be submitted at any club meeting.

Electronic Renewal Payments

Renewing Regular Adult Members may submit payments electronically at:

             Kitsap ARCS Electronic Dues Payment Form

The following limitations apply:
  • Only Regular Adult Member renewals are eligible.
  • Only one renewal may be submitted at a time.
  • The renewal must be for the person named on the payment account      unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Roster updates are not available. Eligible members may still
     make their dues payments electronically, but must submit
     roster updates in writing.

Anyone needing assistance with membership applications should contact the Secretary/Treasurer.

Membership Stickers

Starting in 2017, instead of membership cards, the club began issuing stickers to be placed on a lower left or right corner of members' AMA membership card. See the images below for correct placements.

Membership Card    Membership Card

Members needing actual cards should contact the Secretary/Treasurer.