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Bob Benjamin

Unfortunately, Bob will not be doing any flying this summer, so he thinks this is a good time to find new homes for all his large-scale airplanes. There are about a dozen models at his place in Olympia where it would be easy for any scale people to come down and make an offer on one or more of them. Contact Bob at   (Updated August 2, 2022)

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This C-47 is built from the Top Flite Gold Edition DC-3 kit, with changes to replicate the U.S. Army C-47A on display at the McChord Aircraft Museum. The model is modified for electric power using a pair of Cobra 3800 series motors, two Cobra ESC’s, and set up for two separate 4S x 3500 LiPo’s. The props are working VarioProp three blade units. Landing gear is Robart pneumatic. All lights including controllable landing lights work. Finish is 2.0 oz. glass cloth with Z-Poxy fill and Stits Process primer and Poly Tone paint. It is set up for a Spektrum AR8630, which comes with it. $1,200.00 OBO


This is a Motion RC ARF C-47 F7F Tigercat with a lot of good stuff added by Bob. The entire airframe has a Deluxe Materials Foam Armor top coat, with various coloring and weathering over that using Stits products. The stock props have been replaced with Master Airscrew three-bladers. Both of the dummy scale engines have been seriously rebuilt/improved by Bob. The stock “toy” pilot has been replaced with an appropriate representation. The factory “upgrade” shock-absorbing RLG is already in place. Power a two separate 4S x 3800 LiPos (included). An AR8630 is also in the airplane, ready to go. $700.00 OBO


Several years ago Bob rescued a 1/5 scale PT-19 that appeared to have come from a kit of unknown origin. It was based on the usual balsa/ light ply construction with plastic covering, average craftsman­ship, and evidence (oil) of a mid-size two-stroke engine. Bob used it on his Master’s Workshop series at: He ended up correcting a few scale cross sections and outlines, replacing open structure with balsa where the full size airplane had plywood sheet skins, and doing an all-new cover/finish using Stits Process materials to represent a PT-19 in the USAF Museum at Dayton. Power is a 4000-class AXI with a Castle ESC. One 6S x 5000 mAh Venom pack comes with it. There is an ATX receiver in the airplane… Bob has a new Spektrum AR 8630 that will go with it. $900.00 OBO


Bob built this Stinson Reliant as the subject of my online Master’s Workshop series from the Top Flite Gold kit as an SR-9. When the time came to do some upgrading, he changed it to an SR-10 (most of the visible difference is in the wind­shield), represent­ing the airplane flown by Jimmy Doolittle for Shell Oil around 1939. See the write-up at: The aircraft is freshly inspected & flight-ready. It includes an AXI 5330-45 motor, Castle ESC, and uses 2 x 5S 5000mAh Lipo’s and a separate 6-volt receiver/servo battery. Spektrum AR 8630 SAFE/Telemetry is installed ready to go. Finish is clear nitrate dope base with Stits Process Polyfiber covering & finish. You’ll have to see the model in person at Bob's place to appreciate all the character that’s built into it. $1,500.00 OBO


This is an Avios ARF of a Grumman Albatross, seriously scaled out as a UF-1G from Coast Guard Station Salem Willows (MA) in the ’50’s. Bob replaced all the “live” hinges with pinned ones and added 2.0 glass cloth sealed with Deluxe Materials Eze-Kote and Stits paint. Molded clear fuselage side windows and windshield replace the painted ones and custom dummy scale radials replace of the simple ones. The airplane was set up with reverse/differential thrust per kit instructions using an AR8630 and one 4S x 3800 LiPo. She was all ready to go and the right ESC smoked. An AR8630 or 8010 comes with it… you replace the pair of programable ESC’s. $350.00 OBO

Sopwith Camel

This is a 1/6 scale Sopwith Camel built from the Proctor/VK kit. The entire wood structure is stained/colored per Proctor specs. The covering is LiteSpan (synthetic, heat-shrink silkspan). The base finish is clear nitrate dope with Stits Polytone color. Includes a fully detailed dummy LeRhone 80 hp rotary engine and full working cable controls. You can see minor damage at left/front interplane strut. All else is flightworthy. Motor, ESC and RX are antiques… the Camel comes with another “donor” airplane containing a Cobra motor, ESC, Spektrum RX and two spare servos all of which fit this model well. $800.00 OBO


This model T-38 was built from the Top Flite Gold Edition 1/5 scale traditional balsa kit. Finish is 2.0 oz glass cloth and Deluxe Materials Eze Kote and Stits PolyTone color. Motor is a GP 1.20 running on a Castle ESC and one 6S x 5000 mAh LiPo (which is included). Full Robart pneumatic RLG, full flaps per kit and a high-end dummy pilot. Flies on a 3-blade Master Airscrew prop. This is probably my best fun-to-fly scale airplane. You may have seen it fly at Sanderson or Faro Field. Ready to go with Spektrum RX in place. $1,000.00 OBO

Mark Erickson

84" Scratch-built Super Cub

Scratch-built Super Cub Scratch-built Super Cub
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Receiver ready includes servos 60 amp Turnigy plush speed control. Turnigy SK3 3542 motor and two 4000mah Turnigy Lipo batteries. Needs a least a six channel radio - has 2 aileron and 2 flap servos, plus elevator, rudder and throttle. Has very effective slotted flaps, and scale type working bungee landing gear with a scale type tail wheel assembly. Five pounds flying weight enables very slow flying and landing speeds - has flown in formation with a GWS pico Tiger moth. That's slow!
(Added February 25, 2020)

$400 --- Mark Erickson --- 253-225-1699 ---

For Sale

Gary Hawkinson

Gary has two planes for sale. E-mail: (Added August 9, 2022)

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E-Flite Valiant E-Flite Valiant E-Flite Valiant Extra fuselage and two 2200 3s batteries. The plane is BNF with Spektrum receiver installed. $200

E-Flite Comander E-Flite Comander E-Flite Comander Extra props, two 3s 3200 batteries, extra motor & ESC, and complete hardware set. $225

Harvey Smith

Contact Harvey Smith at: 253-884-9042 or
Email   (Added July 30, 2022)

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Yellow Airplane

  • Cobra 390 Kv motor
  • 81-inch wing-span
  • Ready to fly!
  • $400.00 OBO

Airplane2 Airplane3

Spacewalker 1
Orange Spacewalker

  • All servos and receiver
  • 8ft 9in wing-span
  • No engine, set up
     for a OS twin
  • $350.00 OBO

Spacewalker 2 Spacewalker 3


B-26 Marauder

B-26 Marauder
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Jim Groves is looking for a B-26 Marauder that's in good shape. He's seen a couple on Craig’s List but they were in really bad condition. He would love to find one of the earlier Hangar 9 or Phoenix ARF models still in the box.
(Added December 10, 2020)

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