Here we showcase club members' on-going construction projects. The idea is to keep us all up to date on what other members are working on, and hopefully what we will soon see out at the field.

If you have any photographs of projects that you are working on, please send them to the webmaster along with a few project details and they will be posted here.

Bruce Durham

Bruce thought you might be interested in a crashed airplane he rebuilt. Bruce's Crashed Airplane        Select here or above to see Bruce's pictures.

Rich Williams

Rich Williams' construction project is a Taylorcraft 450 by E-flite. Taylorcraft

Rich writes, "The 46-inch ARF needed some modifications from the manufacture's instructions. I moved all the radio equipment to acquire a neutral c.g. without any batteries installed. This allows different size (capacity) batteries to be placed centered on the c.g. I have strong feelings about the major mass on any aircraft being right at the c.g. The aircraft will respond best on all axis; quick and precisely, even with extra payload. The stall becomes more predictable as well.

"I will be playing with a minimum of 4 different props as to select the best performance for my style of scale flying. Many times this construction step is overlooked, or not given enough consideration. I am very pleased with the all-up wing loading, especially with a battery nearly one half the manufactures recommendations. The scaled power-to-weight ratio is probably very close to the real plane.

"So far, she performs scale flight at slow, scale-appearance speeds, especially on takeoffs and landings. I think this one is a winner!

"I got lucky with this photo angle. Every time I look at it, it yells out to me, 'Hey, it's a nice, calm, sunny day. Jump in and let's go flying!' "