R/C Combat!

New Rules

The 2024! Combat Season is almost here. And this year, there are a few changes.

As many of you know, the formal rules for Combat! haven't changed since 2012. As a result, they were long overdue for review and updating. There are no changes to the basic combat rules, but a few minor safety and scoring changes were needed. The new rules were discussed and approved at the Competition Clinic on Saturday, March 30th.

Please look over the new rules and score sheet and send any thoughts to the Combat Coordinator.

R/C Combat!

Join Combat!

If you have never flown in a combat contest, you're missing out. It's lots of fun, it doesn't cost much to get involved and it greatly improves your flying skills.

Basic requirements?

A qualified airplane; contact the Combat Coordinator for specifics.

Flying skills?

If you can land and take-off, then you have what it takes to get involved. Combat flying will help you improve your flying. It will help you learn how to put the airplane exactly where you want it. It also helps you become more aware of where other aircraft are in the air, without loosing sight of your own plane. Both are great skills to have even when you're not flying combat and just burning holes in the sky on a Sunday morning.

During the spring and summer, the combat pilots compete at 12 noon on the first Saturday of each month. A hearty Congratulations! is presented to the winner of each combat session and an award is given out for the overall points winner of the year.


Contact the Combat Coordinator at combat@kitsaparcs.org.

2024 Combat! Rules

Combat Rules

Combat Score Sheet


Combat! Videos Click here for videos from the wing of a Combat airplane.

Previous Years

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2023 Final Results

# Pilot Points
1 Greg Tinius 1,760
2 Terry Hubbard 1,600
3 KC Patton 520
4 Ernie Wooldrige 584
5 Ron Mora 320
6 Duane Barrett 188

2024 Monthly Scores

  • April Cancelled due to weather
  • May  Cancelled due to weather