R/C Combat!

Join Combat!

If you have never flown in a combat contest, you're missing out. It's lots of fun, it doesn't cost much to get involved and it greatly improves your flying skills.

Basic requirements?

A qualified airplane; contact the Combat Coordinator for specifics.

Flying skills?

If you can land and take-off, then you have what it takes to get involved. Combat flying will help you improve your flying. It will help you learn how to put the airplane exactly where you want it. It also helps you become more aware of where other aircraft are in the air, without loosing sight of your own plane. Both are great skills to have even when you're not flying combat and just burning holes in the sky on a Sunday morning.

During the summer, the combat pilots fly once a month. A hearty Congratulations! is presented to the winner of each combat session and an award is given out for the overall points winner of the year.


Contact the Combat Coordinator at combat@kitsaparcs.org.