2013 Play-by-Play

April & May

April turned out to be a non-event due to the persistent rain and strong wind so we'll let it go at that.

May came in nice and sunny but that strong wind was still there for most of the session which caused difficulty for some (mainly me). There were six pilots this time around, including newcomer Greg Wiren, Sean, Terry, Lorin, Corky and Brian.

Heat 1 - All got up on time and Sean got off to a brisk start with two cuts early in the heat but for some reason did not complete the full time of the heat. Sean scored 220 points and the rest of us all scored only 20 points each.

Heat 2 - Sean did not fly because of a lack of streamer and neither did Lorin. Greg and Terry had to land early so only 20 points each there. Corky and Brian managed to survive the heat with streamers intact so 160 points each there.

Heat 3 - All six up for this heat but Sean, Greg and Terry all had to either land early or crash so only again 20 points each there. Corky lasted the distance but was short on his streamer so he scored 120 points. Lorin and Brian survived with streamers intact for 160 points each.

Heat 4 - Greg and Sean did not make the start due to lack of spare planes. Terry and Corky had to use spare planes I believe due a mid-air or something, while Lorin and Brian managed to survive the strong wind with Brian landing on the runway on his third attempt as I recollect. No points for Greg and Sean. Terry and Corky scored 20 points each. Brian's streamer was deemed to be somewhat short due to erosion and scored 108 points and Lorin scored 160 points with his complete streamer.

Points for the day were Greg with 60, Terry with 80 (his lowest ever) and Sean with 240 due to his two cuts and otherwise misfortune. Corky scored 320 which he complained was his lowest ever. Lorin did some neat flying over three heats to score 340 points and Brian managed to muddle through somehow to pick up 448 points.

Many thanks to the helpers who did the hand launching and hope to see them again in June.

We have a problem with the streamer material we use (it being really cheap crepe paper) so I looked on-line through RC Groups to see what other people were using. The answer seems to be "Biodegradable Flagging Tape" which is made from wood chips or pulp and other things, is available in 1 3/16" wide rolls of 150 feet or more, and in various colors, some of which are florescent. This stuff is stronger than crepe but still cuts easily with a prop or leading edge. I suggest we fund a small supply from a forestry outlet somewhere local for testing to see if it stands up to the erosion that occurs at speed. If it is, then this tape would be the standard for the club.


First an amendment to the May Report. During the flying, my excellent hand launcher was also the guy who very kindly collected my plane after landing. In the last heat I landed out of bounds in the longer grass and of course only scored 20 points. It was pointed out to me much later that I had also landed just out of bounds in heat 2 but from my position it looked like a good landing on the short grass. So to make amends I will deduct 140 points from my score for June which should balance things up okay.

There were nine pilots on the day, some kind of record in recent times; the only pilot missing was Terry who was flying elsewhere.

Heat one - All planes up but no cuts and some did not finish. Corky, Jim M. and Lorin all scored 160 points each, Brian 152, Greg Wiren 120, Chuck McGuire 64, Sean and Neil 20 points each and Jim Gilbert scored -5 points. The oddball numbers are due to streamer erosion during flight; Sean, Neil and Jim G. landed early and Jim G. also incurred an out of bounds infraction, hence the low points score.

Heat Two - All planes up again. Sean got a cut and some had to land early. Sean received 260 points, Neil, Corky and Jim E. 160 scored each and Greg 100. Lorin, Brian and Chuck received 20 points each due to early landing or out of bounds infractions and Jim G. received -5 points again due to non-engagement flying. Greg, Jim G. and Jim M. did not take part in the next two heats.

2013 Final Scores

Flying Ace's

     1. Sean Butler: 2,684 points
     2. Corky Betcher: 2,316
     3. Lorin Miller: 2,176

Runners Up

       4. Neil Makar: 1,640
       5. Terry Hubbard: 1,596
       6. Brian Campbell: 1,378
       7. Chuck McGuire: 1,120
       8. Greg Wiren: 997
       9. Jim McEdward: 700
     10. Jim Gilbert: -10

2013 Monthly Scores

RC Combat 2012

Rained out

1. Brian: 448 points
2. Lorin: 340
3. Corky: 320
4. Sean: 240
5. Terry: 80
6. Greg: 60

1. Corky: 640 points
2. Neil: 500
3. Chuck: 484
4. Sean: 460
5. Brian: 352 (492-140)
6. Lorin: 340
7. Jim M: 320
8. Greg: 220
9. Jim G: -10

    1. Sean: 780 points
    2. Chuck: 636
    3. Brian: 508
    4. Terry: 496
    5. Jim M: 380
    6. Corky: 308
    7. Lorin: 220

1. Sean: 544 points
2. Neil: 500
3. Terry: 460
4. Lorin: 400
5. Corky: 40
6. Brian: 70

1. Corky: 648 points
2. Lorin: 600
3. Neil: 460
4. Greg: 137

1. Sean: 660 points
3. Greg: 580
2. Terry: 560
4. Corky: 360
5. Lorin: 276
6. Neil: 180

June (cont.)

Heat Three - Six planes up this time. Five pilots got it right without cuts so Neil, Corky, Lorin, Chuck and Brian all scored 160 pointsts each. Sean landed early to get 20 points.

Heat Four - Lorin did not start so only five pilots this time. Chuck got the second cut of the day and scored 260 points. Neil, Sean and Corky scored 160 points each and Brian received only 20 due to landing out of bounds in the long grass.

So for the day, Corky came 1st with 640 points followed by Neil with 500, Chuck with 484, Sean with 460, Brian with 352 (492 minus 140 for May), Lorin with 340, Jim M. with 320, Greg with 220 and Jim G. with -10 points.

July & August

With the July and August results in, the total scoring for the season of racing are as follows: Leading the pack with many cuts is Sean with 2,024 points followed by Lorin with 1,480 (2nd), Brian with 1,378 (3rd), Corky with 1,308 (4th), Chuck with 1,120 (5th), Terry with 1,036 (6th), Neil with 1,000 (7th), Jim E. with 700 (8th), Greg with 280 (9th) and Jim G. with minus 10 points in 10th place.

Two more meetings to go for the rest of this year and it's my guess that 2nd through 8th places are still anyone's race. And if Sean does not attend the last two races, it's wide open for an eventual winner.

September & August

With the September and October results in, the final scoring for the six months of flying are as follows: Sean is first with 2,684 points, second is Corky (2,316 points) and third is Lorin (2,176 points). The runners up are Neil (1,640 points), Terry (1,596), Brian (1,378), Chuck (1,120), Greg W. (997), Jim M. (700) and Jim G. (-10 points).