2012 Play-by-Play

April 7th and the start of the 2012 Combat Season. The promised sunshine did occur but it was still cold and breezy. Six pilots were in the season opener: Lorin Miller, Jim Gilbert, Corky Betcher, Terry Hubbard, Neil Makar and yours truly, Brian Campbell. The combat rules had been revised for 2012, but somehow we got them wrong so further revisions are being made in the interest of not excluding any would-be combat pilot.

Heat 1 - Jim failed to make the start of the heat and Lorin had his engine quit shortly after take off. Inside the first minute Brian got a big cut on Corky, taking most of the streamer. Later on the last piece of streamer came off somehow and Corky was obliged to land. Near the end of the heat, things heated up when Neil got a very good cut on Brian's streamer. However, not content with that, Neil's plane then began to eat the tail end of Brian's plane, cutting off the rear and damaging the wing. Not so good for Neil's plane either, it being made of foam. He lost both wings which floated away somewhere, but he got back the bulk of the fuselage. This left Terry to finish the heat with no opposition. Scoring for heat one: Terry 160 points, Neil and Brian 120 each, Corky 20 points, and Lorin & Jim no points.

Heat 2 - Lorin, Jim, Corky and Terry had an exciting heat with lots of near misses. At the end all landed safely, all scoring 160 points.

Heat 3 - The same guys from heat 2 got up again with another exciting round. How there were no mid-air collisions is hard to tell. Jim got a good cut on Lorin's streamer while Corky and Terry tried hard with no success. Scoring for heat 3: Jim 260 points, Corky and Terry 160 each, and Lorin with 64 points.

Heat 4 - Jim's engine failed to start because of glow plug problems so Corky, Terry and Lorin had a great time narrowly avoiding each other. After some spectacular flying, no cuts were made. Corky, Terry and Lorin scored 160 points each.

Scoring at the end of the day: Terry 640 points, Corky 500, Jim 420, Lorin 384, and Neil & Brian 120 points each.

So now I have four weeks to finish off my second plane with no landing gear and repair the wing of Saturday's crash and make up a new fuselage, again with no landing gear in the interest of speed and simplicity.


Due to the busy nature of my activities these days I have been very remiss at posting the Combat results in a timely manner. My apologies to those interested members.

In May we had six pilots again, Terry Hubbard, Jim McEdwards, Neil Makar, Lorin Miller, Corky Betcher and Brian Campbell. The results are as follows.

Heat 1. Corky got off to a bad start when his launch went astray and his plane flew over the heads of Terry and Brian who had just got their planes airborne. Lorin's plane failed to get up, Terry's plane did get up but did not finish the heat as Jim took a good cut on his streamer and with nothing left was obliged to land. Jim 260 points, Neil, Corky and Brian 160 points, Terry 20 points.

Heat 2. This time Neil got a cut on Terry taking it all and Terry had to land. There were no more cuts in the heat. Neil 260 points, Lorin, Jim, Corky and Brian 160 points and Terry with 20 points.

Heat 3. All six planes got up and finished the heat, however Neil had a cut on Terry taking some of his streamer. Neil 260 points, Lorin, Jim, Corky and Brian 160 points and Terry 96 points.

Heat 4. Jim's plane failed to get up leaving the other five with a busy time. Corky claimed three cuts between Neil and Terry's planes which both ended with no streamer left and had to land. Corky 460 points, Lorin and Brian 160 points, Neil and Terry 20 points and Jim with 0 points.

Terry had a very frustrating time in all four heats but still scored 156 points. Corky was the big scorer with 940 points but with the heat one infraction the judge was obliged to deduct 300 points leaving him with 640 for the day. Neil with his differing fortunes scored 700 points. Brian cruised through all with 640 points. Jim scored 580 points and Lorin ended with 480 points.


In June there were the same six pilots, however I (Brian) failed to fill in my score sheet for some reason. I did fly and think I had a flat event with 160 points for each heat. (Perhaps KC who was launching for me could confirm this?). Until then I will stay out of it.

Heat 1. Jim failed to get up. Neil did but I think his plane failed soon after. Lorin, Corky and Terry tried hard but to no avail. Corky, Lorin and Terry sored 160 points, Neil 20 and Jim zero.

Heat 2. No Lorin or Neil this time. Jim took Corky's entire streamer with a cut and then somehow lost all of his own. Terry scored 160 points, Jim 120, Corky 20 and Lorin & Neil no points.

Heat 3. Jim failed to get up. Lorin did get up but did not finish the heat. Neil managed to swap his electric motor from the last heat. There were no cuts this time, so Neil, Corky and Terry scored 160 points each, Lorin 20 and Jim zero.

Heat 4. Again no plane from Jim; Lorin did get up for a while. Neil also failed to make the start. Not knowing how Brian got on through lack of keeping records, I think the rest of the heat went like this: Corky got a small cut on Terry at some point but in the meantime Terry got two cuts on Corky, taking all his streamer forcing him to land. Terry scored 300 points, Corky 120, Lorin 20, Neil and Jim zero.

Points for June were Terry 780 points, Corky 460, Lorin 200, Neil 180, Jim 120 and Brian unknown.


In July, Jim Gilbert returned to the fray with the usual suspects except for Brian who had crashed his only plane the day before on a test flight.

Heat 1. Lorin failed to make the start; Jim M. did get up but not for long. Neil, Corky, Jim G. and Terry had no cuts so the points were 160 each for those four, 20 for Jim M. and no points for Lorin.

Heat 2. Lorin failed to launch again; Jim M. did get up but again not for long. Terry got a good cut on Jim G.'s streamer leaving him with a measured three feet. Points were Terry 260, Neil and Corky 160, Jim G. 52, Jim M. 20 and Lorin no points. Jim M. did not take part in heats 3 or 4.

Heat 3. Neil also did not fly for this heat. Terry claimed two cuts, both on Jim G.'s streamer that was measured at one foot on landing. Points scored were Terry 360, Corky and Lorin 160 each, Jim G. 44, Neil and Jim M. no points.

Heat 4. Five pilots again and two cuts were claimed but three streamers were reduced in length. Terry and Jim G. claimed a cut each, Neil and Lorin's streamers were shortened and Corky lost all of his to what I do not know. So points for the heat were Terry and Jim G. 260 each, Lorin 150, Neil 132, Corky 20 and Jim M. no points.

Points for July were Terry 1,040, Jim G. 516, Corky 500, Neil 452, Lorin 310 and Jim M. 40.

So totaling up the year so far: Terry has a good lead with 2,616 points. Corky is in second place with 2,100. Neil is third with 1,452 points and Lorin is in fourth place with 1,374. With just two months of competition left, Jim Gilbert has a good showing in fifth place with 936 points. Brian, with lack of a plane one month and score-keeping another, has 760 points. Jim McEdwards, with only three months of competition, has 740 points.


Further to the June report, I did make contact with Ken Patton at last and he did confirm that I had a clean set of heats during the June event. So, I am going to add those points at the end of the September report, not that it will help me in any way with the prizes. Conversely, I still had no plane for August and so was reduced to the position of score-keeper and judge.


Heat 1. Five pilots for the heat: Lorin, Jim McEdwards, Terry, Corky and Neil. All five got up but Lorin had no streamer so was obliged to land. The heat ended with no cuts from the other four so they scored 160 points each and Lorin scored zero.

Heat 2. A good heat for Corky who got a cut each on Neil and Terry, taking all the streamer each time, so they were obliged to land. Lorin did get up but not for long and Jim M. managed to stay out of Corky's way for the heat. Corky received 360 points, Jim M. 160 and Lorin, Terry & Neil got 20 points each.

2012 Final Scores

Flying Ace's

      1. Terry: 4,452 points
      2. Corky: 4,008
      3. Jim McEdwards: 2,280

Runners Up

      4. Brian: 2,200 points
      5. Lorin: 1,914
      6. Neil: 1,652
      7. Jim Gilbert: 1,564
      8. Sean Butler: 440

2012 Monthly Scores

RC Combat 2012

1. Terry: 640 points
2. Corky: 500
3. Jim Gilbert: 420
4. Lorin: 384
5. Brian: 120 (tie)
6. Neil: 120 (tie)

1. Neil: 700 points
2. Brian: 640 (tie)
3. Corky: 640 (tie)
4. Jim McEdwards: 580
5. Lorin: 480
6. Terry: 156

1. Terry: 780 points
2. Brian: 640
3. Corky: 460
4. Lorin: 200
5. Neil: 180
6. Jim: 120


1. Terry: 1,040 points
2. Jim Gilbert: 512
3. Corky: 500
4. Neil: 452
5. Lorin: 310
6. Jim McEdwards: 40

1. Corky: 940 points
2. Jim McEdwards: 740
3. Terry: 500
4. Neil: 200
5. Lorin: 40

1. Terry: 540 points
2. Brian: 500
3. Jim McEdwards: 480
4. Corky: 460
5. Lorin: 320

1. Terry: 796 points
2. Jim Gilbert: 628
3. Corky: 508
4. Sean: 440
5. Brian: 340
6. Jim McEdwards: 320
7. Lorin: 180

August (cont)

Heat 3. Neil did not make the start. Lorin lost all his streamer to Corky. Terry and Jim M. kept all of theirs, so the scores were Corky 260 points, Terry and Jim M. 160 each, Lorin 20 points and Neil zero.

Heat 4. Lorin's engine quit on take off and he missed the start. Jim M. got all of Neil's streamer. Corky and Terry tried hard to no avail. Jim M. scored 260 points, Corky and Terry 160, Neil 20 and Lorin zero.

So the scores for the day were Corky with 940 points, Jim M. 740, Terry 500, Neil 200 and Lorin 40 points.

Now playing catch up for the year so far: a change of fortune for Terry who, with 3,116 points, is now only 76 points ahead of Corky who has 3,040 pts. Neil holds on to third place with 1,652 points and Jim M. has leap-frogged four places to get fourth with 1,480 points. Lorin is now fifth with 1,414 pts. Adding June's 640 points to my current score puts me in sixth place with 1,380. Jim Gilbert is last with 936 pts.


Five pilots turned up: Terry, Corky, Jim M., Lorin and Brian.

Heat 1. All five up on time, no cuts or other problems so they all scored 160 points each.

Heat 2. All five up on time but Corky's engine did not last the distance and he landed early for only 20 points. The other four scored 160 each.

Heat 3. Lorin did not fly for this heat or the next. The other four got up okay but there were no cuts. Brian messed up the landing by being out of bounds and received only 20 points. Corky, Terry and Jim M. scored 160 points and Lorin zero.

Heat 4. Jim M. failed to make the start this time so only three pilots got up on time. Corky got the only cut of the month's event leaving Terry with only five feet of streamer. After the cut however, Corky did not finish the heat so he only scored 120 points for his troubles, just when he needed them most. Brian meanwhile managed to avoid problems and finished the heat intact. Scores were Brian 160 points, Corky 120, Terry 60 and Jim M. & Lorin no points.

Scores for the day had Terry with 540 points, Brian 500, Jim M. 480, Corky 460 and Lorin 320 points.

Totaling the year's scores so far with the last event to come on October 6th: Terry is still leading and pulling away slightly with 3,656 points, Corky is still close enough to cause an upset with 3,500 and Jim M. is doing well in third place with 1,960. Consistent flying and a reliable plane puts me (Brian) in fourth place with 1,880 points and Lorin plugging away to score 1,734. Neil and Jim G. didn't fly this month so their scores remain the same with 1,652 and 936 respectively. So it looks like an exciting finish to the year coming up with Corky and Terry way out in front fighting over first and second places and possibly four others fighting over third place with the fortunes of the day to be played out on Saturday.


First of all I would like to sincerely thank all those who helped me during this season with hand launching and retrieval, flight testing and all other aspects of combat flying this year.

Also, this month is a first in that the new guy, Sean, put a video camera on his plane for the first three heats (click here to see the videos). What interested me was the way the fuel in the tank bounced around even when flying straight and level for a few brief moments.

Heat 1. Good weather again this month with a breeze from the north which tended to drift the planes south into the sun. I had a problem with a test flight and decided to pass this heat. Neil could not fly his electric plane at all for some reason so we "ONLY" had six pilots for the heat: Terry, Corky, Jim M., Lorin, Jim G. and new guy Sean Butler (him with the video camera). Terry and Corky got a cut on each other and Jim M. got a cut on either Lorin or Jim G. taking all the streamer. Both those two landed early, one because of engine trouble. Scores were Jim M. 260 points, Corky 184, Terry 180, Sean 160, Lorin and Jim G. 20 each and of course Brian 0 points.

Heat 2. Lorin did not make it to the start and Corky also did not start because he messed up his plane refuel - something about the fuel feed pipe on the muffler I understand. Brian did get back into the fray for this heat (with help from Terry) so there were five pilots this time. Jim G. got a small cut on Sean, Jim M. did not finish and there were no other cuts. Scores were Jim G. 260 points, Terry and Brian 160 each, Sean 80 , Jim M. 20, and Corky & Lorin zero points.

Heat 3. Six pilots this time and Terry got a cut and managed to retain all his streamer for the heat. Corky got a cut and then was also cut himself, but he still finished the heat. Jim M. landed early and Jim G. was also cut but finished the heat. Sean and Brian also finished the heat but were both deemed to have landed outside the runway area so were docked our points. Scores were: Terry 260 points, Corky 204, Jim G. 88 and Jim M., Brian & Sean 20 points each. Updating the year's scoring for first and second place put Terry in the lead by only 168 points so it was essential for Terry to finish the heat at least. Down the list at this point, Brian was 200 points behind Jim M. so would need two cuts to beat him for third.

Heat 4. SEVEN pilots this time but not for long. Jim M. landed early and Corky landed early after first getting a cut but then losing all his streamer. There were two other cuts by Terry and Jim G. So for the heat, Jim G. received 260 points, Terry 196, Lorin, Sean & Brian 160 each. Corky scored 120 points and Jim M. 20 points.

Totaling the day's event, Terry scored 796 points, Jim G. 628, Corky 508 and Sean scored 440 - very good for the new guy and a video of the first three heats as well. Brian scored 340 pointsts, Jim M. 320 and Lorin 180.

Now we have the accurate, corrected points results for the year: 1st place to Terry with 4,452 points, second place to Corky with 4,008 and, considering his belated start to this combat event, a very good third place to Jim M. with 2,280. 4th is Brian with 2,220 pts, 5th is Lorin with 1,914 and Neil held on to 6th place with 1,652. Jim G. took 7th with 1,564 pts (quite good considering he missed some months) and our new pilot in combat, Sean, came is 8th with 440 pts.