February 19th - 2:20 PM (website)

On February 15th Kitsap County was permitted to enter Phase 2 of the Governor's new Phased Plan. The changes to outdoor activity will not affect the club's current policy for individual flying at the field of 10 individuals at a time wearing masks. It does allow groups of up to 15, but cannot contain more than 2 family groups. This will limit any field maintenance work parties for the time being as we are many families, but one in spirit.

As of today, Friday February 19th, the gate combo will be changed. All current 2021 members were sent the new gate combo earlier this week. If you did not receive the new combo and you are a current member for 2021, please contact me at president@kitsaparcs.org and I will verify your current membership and then send you the new combination.

We are still hoping for some further changes in restrictions in the future so as to allow our upcoming contests and events, but I want to protect everyone's health and safety first and foremost.

Stay safe, stay healthy and most of all have fun,

February 10th - 5:43 PM (website)


I would like to thank the club for allowing me this opportunity to serve you as your 2021 President. I hope we can make this a great year together. I also hope this year we can get back to some resemblance of normalcy at the field.

For now, as far as I can ascertain, Kitsap County is still in Phase I of the Governor’s "New Re-opening plan" with some exceptions. As a result, the Club is still only able to allow no more than 10 people out of vehicles for individual flying only. Also masks are still required to be worn when outside your vehicle. It should also be noted that according to CDC guidelines the mask/face covering must cover both your nose and your mouth to be effective. Please observe these guidelines when at the field.

For right now we will continue to hold our monthly meetings via ZOOM until we are allowed to meet indoors again.

I really want to thank everyone for their efforts to observe our current health and safety requirements while at the field. Everyone has been doing a fantastic job.

Be careful and stay healthy and safe,