It Was a Cold & Frosty Morning

by Duane Barrett

The morning found me groggy and slow starting from the cold therefore I arrived at the field well after the flying activities had started. Upon my arrival I found a handful of either daring brave souls or crazy model airplane enthusiasts. I am sure it was both.

The morning was a very brisk chilly 28 degrees upon arrival with piles of snow around the canopy and frost covering everything in sight. Greg was there with the promised coffee and doughnuts huddled near the warm coffee pot. Terry Hubbard was there also discussing something devious with KC Patton. I noticed that Mike McIntyre was nowhere to be seen. They said he flew much earlier and had gone to Shelton to fly. Charlie was out flying a warbird and then I saw Mike with his quad on the starting bench.

So I decided to pull out my phone and document some of the action. I even took a selfie to prove that I really did show up. As the morning progressed and the frost began to disappear from the runway more people decided to show up and freeze with us. Rick showed up and Tom Rodgers, then came Troy and his mom.

Later Mike McIntyre came back; he said Shelton was too foggy to fly safely. Chuck McGuire showed up with his carbon Z cub and Ron Mora with a student. Finally were visited by Neil Makar from down under (Portland) with Rob Showman in tow. They had to make Show man you know.

The day actually turned sunny, though it didn't warm up much. I left at about 1:00 p.m. and there were still many brave souls remaining into the afternoon enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures - the great outdoors!

Frosty Fingers 2016
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