2019 Site History

December 19:   Added December meeting minutes; added Coulter Creek Steering Committe info; added Monthly Breakfast info; updated Ron's Build Challenge pictures.

December 10:   Updated Winter Build Challenge Page: rules and Ron's pictures.

December 8:   Added 2020 membership renewal information.

November 18:   Added November-2018 and March-2015 meeting minutes; updated Documents & News and Club Meeting Minutes Archive pages; updated Upcoming Events.

October 19:   Added Banquet & Coulter Creek Steering Committe items to Club News; corrected Combat! results in Club News (Brian finished second); updated Upcoming Events.

October 14:   Added final results to Combat! & Racing Results pages; added October Meeting minutes; added Combat!, R/C Southsound Swap Meet & Membership info to Club News.

October 10:   Updated Upcoming Events and Fly-In announcement; added RAMS indoor flying schedule and R/C South Sound Swap Meet to Event Flyers page.

September 17:   Added September Combat results.

September 16:   Updated Upcoming Events; added September meeting minutes.

August 30:   Removed Brian's trailer announcement; updated Upcoming Events.

August 6:   Updated Brian's trailer announcement on Buy and Sell page; updated Docs & News page with recent club minutes.

August 6:   Added Brian's trailer announcement; updated Upcoming Events; updated Buy & Sell, Combat, and Electronic Donations pages.

August 3:   Updated Racing Results pages with August results.

July 17:   Added July Meeting minutes.

July 11:   Updated Racing Results pages with July results; corrected Combat standings heading.

July 8:   Updated airfield shelter status; updated Upcoming Events; updated Combat with July results.

June 14:   Added airfield shelter installation announcement; added June meeting minutes; added Slim hosting Open Shop.

June 12:   Added Hobbytown RC Show announcement; Updated Combat! & Racing Results pages with June results.

June 2:   Updated Build Challenge pages to reflect the results of the maiden flights.


May 31:   Added photos to Greg's and created KC's Build Challenge pages.

May 30:   Added photos to Greg's & Mark's Build Challenge pages; added New Canopy Update to Club News; updated Build Challenge page with event dates.

May 29:   Added photos to Mark's, reorganized Greg's, and created Duane's Build Challenge pages; updated Upcoming Events & Event Flyers page; added Al's Memorial Service announcement.

May 28:   Added Mark's Build Challenge photos; added May Combat! results.

May 27:   Created & added photos to Greg's Build Challenge page; added notice of Mark's Build Challenge entrant.

May 22:   Updated Greg's Build Challenge photos; added Warbirds Fly-in pictures.

May 21:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated Greg's Build Challenge photos; added Event Flyers page.

May 19:   Updated Upcoming Events; added May Meeting minutes; updated Duane's Build Challenge photos; added Greg's Build Challenge photos; updated Racing & Racing Results pages.

Apr 30:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated KC's Build Challenge photos.

Apr 21:   Updated KC's Build Challenge photos; added Duane's Build Challenge photos.

Apr 17:   Updated Flight Operations & Safety Briefings.


Apr 12:   Added meeting minutes for March & April; added April 27 Work Party announcement to Club News.

Apr 4:   Removed Brian's Combat! wing material request; updated Upcoming Events; added canopy replacement & donation info.

Mar 2:   Added Brian's Combat! wing material request.

Feb 23:   Updated Upcoming Events & Club Calendar; added February Meeting minutes; added Warbirds Fly-In page; updated KC's Build Challenge photos.

Feb 10-11:   Updated KC's Build Challenge photos.

Feb 9:   Updated T-28 Racing Rules; updated KC's Build Challenge photos; added Meeting Minutes for 10/2017-1/2019.

Feb 6:   Updated sticker placement on membership cards.

Jan 27:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated Racing Page and T-28 & Reno Class Racing Rules.

Jan 19:   Updated Construction Projects page, Paul's project pages, and Paul's Telemaster construction article.

Jan 18:   Updated Safety Officer to Tom Rogers; added Build Challenge '19 page; updated Construction Projects page and Paul's project pages.

Jan 17:   Updated mailing address on Contacts Page and membership application form.

Jan 5, 2019:   Updated Upcoming Events & Club officers; updated Contacts Page; added 2019 Calendar page.