2016 Site History

Dec 29:   Updated Upcoming Events, Club News & Membership page.

Dec 13:   Added November meeting minutes.

Dec 12:   Updated Upcoming Events, Club News & Calendar.

Nov 11 & 15:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Nov 8:   Added online dues payment option; added minutes for October meeting; indoor flying cancelled - Veterans Day.

Nov 1:   Added Schools Program donation request.

Nov 1:   Added Schools Program donation request.

Oct 26:   Added banquet details.

Oct 18:   Corrected banquet menu.

Oct 11:   Added Club Banquet information; removed Dave Gallaway's "For Sale" items.

Oct 10:   Added September meeting minutes; added Indoor Flying to Calendar & Club News; added LSHRCC MoF exhibit announcement to Club News.

Oct 2:   Updated Racing and Racing Results pages.

Oct 1:   Updated Club News, Upcoming Events & Combat! page.

Sep 23:   Updated Upcoming Events & Event Flyers Page.

Sep 21:   Updated Work Party date.

Sep 14:   Updated Upcoming Events; added work party News item.

Sep 13:   Removed IFPL announcement; Added August meeting minutes.

Sep 7:   Updated Racing Results page.

Sep 3:   Updated Combat! page.

Aug 25:   Added Yakima Valley Aero Modelers Fall Classic to Event Flyers page.

Aug 21:   Updated Safety page; updated IFPL flight restrictions.

Aug 20:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Aug 18:   Added IFPL implementation announcement.

Aug 17:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Aug 16:   Added Open Shop/Speed Tests and Golden Age/Multi-wing Fly-In notices; updated Sky Trainer 182 photo on Buy and Sell page; updated Combat! page; updated Racing Results page.

Jul 10:   The Webmaster is on Sabbatical through July 27th.

Jul 3:   Updated Club New and Combat & Racing Results pages.

Jun 23/26:   Added/removed June 24-25 FAA TFR.

Jun 21:   Updated Club Calendar and Upcoming Events.

Jun 14:   Updated Racing Results page; updated Upcoming Events; added May Meeting minutes.

Jun 6:   Updated Combat! page.


May 30:   Updated Upcoming Events.

May 23:   Added Warbirds Fly-In reminder.

May 17:   Added John Tilly's Transmitters Wanted ad;
re-correction: May 17 Open Shop is cancelled.

May 16:   Correction: May 17 Open Shop is at Harvey's.

May 11:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated Safety Concerns announcement; reorganized Documents & News page; updated Combat! page; updated Racing Results pages.

May 10:   Corrected May meeting location; removed "Flying Events" from officers list; added April meeting minutes.

May 6:   Removed Sean's trailer listing;

May 4:   Added Sean's trailer listing; added LCRC event listing & flyer.

May 3:   Added names to work party participants; fixed dead link on Buy & Sell page; front page format changes.

Apr 21:   Updated Club News; restructured Documents & Newa page.

Apr 20:   Added Safety Concerns information; updated Upcoming Events.

Apr 11:   Added February & March meeting minutes; added April 16 work party to Upcoming Events.

Apr 7:   Updated Combat page.

Apr 5:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated Event Flyers page; added new Racing and Racing Results pages.


Mar 8:   Added February meeting minutes.

Mar 4:   Added Victoria LLAS to Event Flyers page; updated Reno class racing rules.

Feb 25:   Fixed Documents & News page programming error.

Feb 24:   Updated Annual Safety and Flight Briefings; updated T-28 & Reno Racing Rules.

Feb 22:   Added Spokane Swapmeet to Event Flyers page; updated Upcoming Events & Calendar page.

Feb 15:   Updated Upcoming Events & Event Flyers page.

Feb 1:   Updated Safety & Event Flyers pages.

Jan 31:   Updated Upcoming Events & Oregon Scale Fly-In flyer.

Jan 27:   Added NW Hoppy Expo to Event Flyers page.

Jan 26:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated Warbirds flyer.

Jan 25:   Updated Membership Application links; renamed & updated Event Flyers; updated Site Map; updated Upcoming Events.

Jan 19:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Jan 14:   Updated club officers list & Contacts page; added Frosty Fingers page; added Warbirds Fly-In announcement; added Nearby Events page.

Jan 12:   Updated Club Calendar.

Jan 5, 2016:   Posted 2016 membership form; updated Upcoming Events.