2015 Site History

Dec 15:   Updated Open Shop location.

Dec 8 & 9:   Updated Upcoming Events.

Nov 18:   Updated indoor flying schedule.

Nov 16:   November 20th indoor flying begins at 6:00 pm.

Nov 15:   Relocated Open Shop to Paul's.

Oct 28:   Removed Nov. 6 Indoor Flying from calendar.

Oct 24:   Updated Upcoming Events & Calendar page; updated Racing Coordinator on Contacts page.

Oct 23:   Added Work Party & Indoor Flying notices; added X-Ref links on Racing pages.

Oct 11:   Added final Racing results.

Oct 8/9:   Added/removed 10/9/2015 FAA NOTAM/TFR.

Oct 3:   Added 2015 Combat final results; added top-three finishers in Combat & Racing under Club News.

Oct 2:   Updated Combat results.

Sep 22:   Updated Upcoming Events; corrected August Reno Class Racing results; posted September Racing results.

Sep 3:   Removed fire-related airfield use restrictions.

Aug 27:   Added August Racing results.

Aug 14:   Added Al's airplane sale to Upcoming Events.

Aug 12:   Corrected time for work party.

Aug 10:   Updated Upcoming Events.

July 25:   Updated Upcoming Events.

July 18:   Removed fuel-powered operations ban.

July 17:   Added fuel-powered operations ban.

July 15:   Updated Upcoming Events & Fire Restriction details.

July 14:   Posted IFPL link and field use restrictions; updated July's Racing results.

July 11:   Posted July Reno Class Racing results.

July 10:   Posted July T-28 Racing results.

July 9:   Posted airfield use fire restrictions.

July 7:   Added July Combat results; updated Upcoming Events & Club Calendar.

June 29:   Added June Racing & Combat results.

June 24:   Corrected Safety Officers on front page.

June 10:   Updated Upcoming Events.

June 9:   Removed outdated Events & News.


May 18-June 6:   Webmaster Sabbatical.

May 17:   Fixed link to Paul's P-47 Build; updated Upcoming Events.

May 13:   Updated Upcoming Events & Buy/Sell page; revised racing results pages.

May 12:   Added May Racing results; updated Paul's P-47 build article.

May 7:   May meeting moved to Little Field; posted May Combat! results; updated Paul's P-47 build article.

Apr 30:   Updated Paul's P-47 build article (smaller file).

Apr 29:   Minor link/label fixes.

Apr 24:   Added Paul's P-47D to Construction page.

Apr 22:   Re-formatted Racing pages; removed Radio Frequency Chart; added Event Planning SOP & Estate Sale Policies documents; updated Calendar page & Upcoming Events.

Apr 13:   Added request for help with 2015 parades; added parades to calendar; initalized 2015 Park Flyer page; posted April Combat! results: updated Saftey Officers on Contact page.

Apr 1:   Corrected General/ Carrier Landing events dates in Upcoming Events.


Mar 28:   Deleted Indoor Flying from Upcoming Events & Club News; rescheduled General Landing Clinic to June 6th.

Mar 22:   Added work party activity.

Mar 20-21:   Updated Indoor Flying announcement & Upcoming Events.

Mar 11:   Updated Upcoming Events, Club Calendar & Minutes Archives.

Mar 10:   Added District XI Facebook link; added 11/2014 - 2/2015 meeting minutes; updated T-28 Trojan & Reno class Pylon Racing rules.

Mar 5:   Updated Upcoming Events; corrected Indoor Flying schedule; added 2 Warbird Fly-in pages; added Pylon Racing Clinic announcement.

Feb 11:   Corrected landing clinic info on April calendar; added Frosty Fingers photos.

Feb 10:   Updated draft Reno Class & T-28 racing rules.

Jan 16:   Added Indoor Flying news & dates.

Jan 16:   Updated calendar, Upcoming Events, club officers & Warbirds Fly-in news.

Jan 8:   Added Warbirds Fly-In pages & calendar entry