2014 Site History

Dec 31:   Posted 2015 calendar.

Oct 28:   Added October meeting minutes.

Oct 28:   Updated Upcoming Events; updated proposed Reno Class Racing rules.

Oct 16:   Added proposed Reno Class Racing rules; posted Rob's Sky Trainer for sale notice.

Oct 15:   Updated Upcoming Events; created Meeting Minutes Archive page reorganized Club News page.

Oct 14:   Added August & September minutes; Golden Age Fly-in cancelled; 2015 memberships now available.

Oct 6:   Updated Park Flyer Racing page with final results.

Oct 4:   Updated Combat! page with final results.

Oct 1:  Updated Park Flyer Racing page.

Sep 18:  Updated Upcoming Events; added work party notice.

Sep 6:  Updated Upcoming Events; corrected start times for PF Racing on Calendar; updated Combat page with Sep. results.

Aug 21:  Added Jul/Aug Park Flyer racing results; posted auction results.

Aug 19:  Updated Combat standings.

Aug 15:  Added Auction information; updated Buy & Sell page; upcoming Events and Blackberry Festival info.

Aug 12:  Added July minutes.

Aug 7:  Multi-wing & Open Shop/Auction updates

Jul 21-23:  TFR, Tue 7/22/2014, 2:45 PM - 7:45 PM

Jul 20:  Updated Combat page with July results; added April, May & June meeting minutes.

Jul 14:  Updated Upcoming Events with Chipper Work Party.

Jul 13:  Updated Upcoming Events & Club Calendar.

Jun 3 & 4:  Updated Combat & PF Racing pages w/June results.

Jun 13, 20, 22:  Updated Upcoming Events.

Jun 10:  Webmaster return; updated Upcoming Events; corrected May PF Racing results.

May 9:  Webmaster on sabatical.

May 4:  Removed items from Buy & Sell page; updated Upcoming Events.

May 5:  Added Park Flyer racing results.

Apr 28:  Added canopy replacement item; updated Warbirds Fly-In item.


Apr 24:  Updated Upcoming Events; updated Buy & Sell.

Apr 10:  Updated Upcoming Events & Site Map; added Combat & Work Party announcements.

Apr 4, 5 & 6:  Updated Upcoming Events.

Mar 31:  Added McMinnville, OR. Martin Memorial Flyin to calendar.

Mar 13:  Added Mike Ardy's YAK 54 for sale.

Mar 11:  Added Warbirds Fly-In information; added March meeting minutes.

Mar 4:  Updated Blue Sky Hobbies monthly special.

Feb 26:  Updated Warbirds Fly-In date on calendar

Feb 25:  Updated Safety Briefing document and Safety page; renamed "Pylon Racing" to "Park Flyer Racing".

Feb 20:  Updated Pylon Racing rules; added January & February meeting minutes; corrected links on Site Map & Articles page.

Feb 13:  Updated Upcoming Events; added other clubs' activities, pre-flight checklists, Annual Briefing slides & March raffle info.


Feb 10/13:  Added/removed member alerts.

Feb 7:  Updated Club Information and Expertise pages.

Feb 5:  Updated Pylon Racing Rules.

Feb 3:  Updated contact info on Membership Application and Combat! & Contacts pages; added Blue Sky Hobbies monthly specials link.

Jan 29:  Updated Pylon Racing rules.

Jan 28:  Updated Upcoming Events & Website History; updated Pylon Racing rules.

Jan 20:  Updated Open Shop date.

Jan 19:  Updated Upcoming Events; added Tuesday Dinner & McMinnville Swap Meet to Club Calendar; added 2013 banquet to Club News page; updated club officers & contact list; added pylon racing final results.

Jan 14:  Amended November 2014 minutes.

Jan 4:  Added Pylon Racing dates to calendar.

Jan 3:  Added 2014 calendar; added December meeting minutes; updated By-laws with 5/2013 changes.