2013 Site History

Dec 10:  Added Tim's Dirty Birdy 40 listing.

Dec 9:  Added November meeting minutes.

Nov 22/26:  Added/removed FAA NOTAM flight restriction.

Nov 19:  Updated Upcoming Events.

Nov 14:  Added Gary Anderson's aircraft sale.

Nov 11:  Updated Upcoming Events.

Oct 19:  Changed work party/chainsaw training date to Oct 27th.

Oct 18:  Added work party/chainsaw training to Upcoming Events; added S. Sound RC Swap Meet info.

Oct 17:  Added Nov. Upcoming Events; added Sep. results to Pylon Racing page..

Oct 8:  Added 2013 banquet options; added Sept minutes.

Oct 7:  Updated membership application form; added final results for Combat!

Sep 27:  Updated club calendar.

Sep 20:  Posted Pylon Racing videos (test).

Sep 18:  Updated Upcoming Events.

Sep 10:  Posted Aug meeting minutes; corrected Combat! scores.

September 9:  Updated Combat! page with September's results.

September 5:  Updated Buy & Sell page and Upcoming Events.

August 29:  New Pylon Racing Page format.

August 28:  Updated Pylon Racing pages with current results.

August 23:  Updated club calendar to show September & October meetings are at Sunnyslope; added June results to Combat! page .

August 19:  Updated front page calendar and Lost & Found news.

August 13:  Added July meeting minutes.

August 5:  Added July Combat! results.

July 25:  Added Warbirds Fly-In photos; removed Jeff's G-90 muffler request; added Pylon Racing video (for testing).

July 21:  Added August events to front page; corrected Site Map.

July 19:  Added June Pylon Racing results.

July 18:  Added June Pylon Racing standings; updated Membership Application Form; revised Club Contacts page.

July 15:  Added Jeff's G-90 muffler request.

July 10:  Added July's Combat! results; added Al's R/C Sale notice; removed "Lost & Found" items.

July 8:  Added June meeting minutes; removed "For Sale" item; added "Lost & Found" items.

June 28:  Added Warbird Fly-In announcement; updated time of July's Pylon Race to 10 am.

June 25:  Updated calendar.

June 15:  Added For Sale notice; updated Buy & Sell page.


June 13:  Posted proposed Pylon Racing rules changes.

May 25:  Removed LT-25 plans/manual request.

May 24:  Updated front page calendar; updated Pylon Racing results; updated Combat! results.

Apr 30:  Added Al's & updated Corky's "For Sale" info; added May events to front page.

Apr 26:  Added April meeting minutes.

Apr 25:  Added proposed By-Laws amendment.

Apr 22:  Added work party to front page calendar.

Apr 21:  Updated Pylon Racing page.

Apr 18:  Updated Pylon Racing page; added spring opener photos.

Apr 10:  Updated March meeting munites.

Apr 9:  Added March meeting munites.

Apr 8:  Updated pylon racing rules & dates; updated Combat! rain-out; updated Tim's & Al's "Buy & Sell" listings.

Apr 3:  Updated proposed pylon racing rules.

Apr 1:  Added April calendar to front page; updated Tim's "For Sale" page.

Mar 20:  Updated February meeting minutes; reordered Club News page; added 2012 & updated 2013 Combat! pages; moved photo links for 2009 Multiwing & W&W events from News to Photos page.

Mar 19:  Added Verlyn's retirement party to calendar.


Mar 15:  New contact info for pylon racing coordinator; updated date of Pylon Racing clinic.

Mar 14:  Added Verlyn's retirement party announcement; updated Verlyn's phone number on Buy & Sell page; removed Verlyn's, Larry's and Brian Buchanan's entrys from Expertise page.

Mar 12:  Added February minutes; added David's transmitter for sale; restored link to 2012 rules on Pylon Racing page; updated Club Calendar.

Feb 20:  Updated Club Calendar.

Feb 16:  Corrected Club Calendar link; Pylon Racing dates & times changed to "TBA"; added Open Shop driving directions.

Feb 12:  Added proposed 2013 Pylon Racing Rules.

Feb 11:  Added January club meeting minutes.

Feb 5:  Updated club calendar.

Feb 4:  Added 2nd tree climber contact; removed Bill Buchanan's "4sale" info.

Feb 1:  Added tree climber contact; updated club calendar.

Jan 31:  Updated 2013 calendar.

Jan 27:  Updated Bill Buchanan's "4sale" info; added February events; added 2013 calendar.

Jan 21:  Updated Contacts page to reflect Sean as Head Flight Instructor; updated Bill Buchanan's "4sale" info.

Jan 10:  Added December meeting minutes; added request for LT-25 plans & manual; added Tim Miller's "4sale" listing; updated Ron's "4sale" listing.