Al FranklinApril 2011

Well, here it is the first week in April, and as of this writing, we still haven't had what could be called spring weather. Fortunately, we have had a sprinkling of a few days good enough to get some flying in. We've also seen very few if any good Thursdays, but it's still "Old Farts Day" when the weather does kick in. Also, when we get some good weather you'd better start practicing for the upcoming pylon racing series with your T-28s. We'll be posting the final rules and schedule on the web and also at the April 12th club meeting. And don't forget the Decathlon. It's already started and you have till the end of the year to complete all the maneuvers. You can download the rules and score sheet from the web. The winner will receive a nice award at the Club Banquet next winter. Our first club flying event of the year, The Spring Opener, happens on April 16th. I'm going to stick my neck out and PROMISE good weather, plus hot dogs and other compatible refreshments. So, let's have a big turn out!

Other upcoming events this spring include Open Shops; Bruce Loughridge this month and then Paul Flemming in May. And then the Armed Forces Parade in late May. Speaking of parades, we also have the Fathoms of Fun Parade in June. In both cases, Bud Arnold could use some help, both in planes and manpower, so let's get behind him, and the club, with some assistance (please). Then as always, our club meetings move to the field for the three summer months starting in June and it's also at that meeting that we hold the annual club Swap Meet.

You've probably heard me talk more about the Lake Shuswap Float Fly more than you care to. Well, here comes one more shot. In the May issue of Fly R/C there is a really nice article about fly in and some outstanding photography of some out standing planes, including my 88" Swoose that I built several years ago and is now owned by a good friend of mine in Snohomish.

Our committee working with the County and Parks Dept. in getting some field improvements is moving right along. But don't get your hopes too high or too soon. Although there is "light in the tunnel", the light is still dim and it's a long way through the tunnel. At the request of the Parks Department, we are developing a new 10-Year Plan and it would appear at this time that if every thing were to go as we would like, we are still looking at two to three years of planning, proposing and hearings before the first shovel full of dirt will be turned. But, believe me, we are working hard to make that happen. Just be patient