Mike has selected a Ventura 60
from  Bruce Thorpe Engineering

It will have a 72 inch wingspan with an OS .91 four-stroke engine.
This is the same engine he has used in the Four-Star 60 he's been flying for the past fifteen years.

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Wing build-up
Two Wings
This is what happens when glue dries on the pin, under the sheeting, and you pull too hard to pull the pin out.
Before I sand the wing, I put pencil marks on the joints. When I'm sanding, I know when the joints are flush when the pencil marks are gone on both sides of the joint. I sand parallel to the ribs.
The left wing tip trailing edge is prior to sanding and the right, after sanding. I put masking tape on the ribs, so I wouldn't accidentaly sand them.
Wing halves glued together. I used duct tape to hold the two halves together. It worked fine on the bottom of the joint, but I have a slight gap on the top of the joint. I will need to find a better method next time.
Tape and rubber bands keep everything tight while gluing with medium CA.
Used Titebond II to glue the Horizontal and Vertical stabs. Vertical stab is three pieces and Horizontal stab is five pieces. Titebond is much easier to sand versus epoxy or CA. I let them dry for 24 hours before taking the pins out.
Aligning the wing prior to drilling the wing hold down bolt holes. I used string and picked a corner on each wing. I then taped the wing down and drilled the two holes.
Tapping the wing hold down bolt holes.
Wing hold down bolts installed.
Starting to look like an airplane.