Maiden-flight Day

Saturday started out cool and overcast, but by the time the competition started, it was warm and clear with just a light wind out of the south.
Greg elected not to compete and Brian's Jezebel was unfinished.

Mark had a great flight including several acrobatic maneuvers. KC's was a little rocky, but he managed to stay aloft and actually landed. Duane had more trouble and crashed on landing, taking out his undercarriage.

After successful second flights, Mark was declared the winner and KC took second. Congratulations to all the participants.

KC never looked better
Brian's Jezebel
Brian's Jezebel
Duane's Eclipson Y
Greg's Slick
Greg's Slick
Greg's Slick
Greg's Slick
KC's Sig Doubler
Marc's Slowflyer
AKA, The One Week Wonder


Duane Barrett Duane built a 3D-printed plastic plane
Click here for Duane's pictures

Entrants (continued)

Brian Campbell Brian is building a Jezebel
Click here for Brian's pictures

Mark Erickson Mark built a 3D Slowflyer
Click here for Mark's pictures

KC Patton KC built a SIG Doubler
Click here for KC's pictures

Greg Tinius Greg rebuilt a damaged Slick
Click here for Greg's pictures

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